Senator Crapo Audio Clip Commending Representatives for Doing Their Job On Child Support Bill

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For those who have asked about where to find Senator Crapo’s comments, here is the clip:

Why SB 1067 Was Held In Committee

Posted April 12, 2015 by lynnluker
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Concern has been raised about the Idaho House Judiciary and Rules Committee holding SB 1067. Holding the bill was about protecting the due process and privacy rights of our citizens, and protecting the integrity of our state’s ability to study and analyze issues independent of the coercive threats of the federal government. On the surface, SB 1067 updates Idaho child support laws to recognize orders from foreign countries. It is, however, the product of a 2007 treaty. For the United States to participate, all 50 states must approve the exact language which is contained in SB 1067.

The federally mandated language in SB 1067 raises due process concerns. Courts in Idaho are required to accept foreign orders with only a few exceptions. Those exceptions include minimal requirements for notice and hearing; however, those rights are undefined and vary drastically from country to country. Our courts would be curtailed from looking behind those orders. One provision even bypasses court review and allows agency enforcement without court review.

Implementation of the treaty would open federal databases to foreign countries. An important child support enforcement tool is the Federal Parent Locator Service (FPLS) which includes the National Directory of New Hires (NDNH), as well as access to information from the IRS, the Social Security Administration, VA, the Department of Defense, NSA and FBI. Regarding the threat to personal information, counsel for the Congressional Research Service expressed significant concern in a report of July 15, 2013. The report states: “The expansion of access to and use of personal information contained in the FPLS, especially in the National Directory of New Hires, could potentially lead to privacy and confidentiality breaches, financial fraud, identity theft, or other crimes. There is also concern that a broader array of legitimate users of the NDNH may conceal the unauthorized use of the personal and financial data in the NDNH.”

Finally, the federal government uses coercion to force approval of the bill. It has threatened states with the loss of existing child support funding and technical support on all other cases if the bill is not passed. In other words, the federal government, in its effort to compel adding a few foreign child support collections, is willing to impair all other child support collections to force compliance with its mandate. Idaho is not dismantling its child support system, the federal government is threatening to do that.

A few citizens who testified at the committee hearing raised concerns about SB1067 leading to enforcement of Sharia law in Idaho, which ended up as the major focus in news articles. That was not the reason for holding the bill. The bill and treaty have serious risks and flaws. It is not our choice to interrupt current child support enforcement. Rather, it is the federal government that is using children as collateral to force its policies upon Idaho and its sister states.

Idaho Direct Primary Care Bill Enacted

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The “Idaho Direct Primary Care Act” SB1062 sponsored by Senator Steven Thayn and myself has been signed into law. The Act authorizes an alternate model for patients to receive low cost, personal primary medical and dental care, based upon a low monthly fee rather than a fee for service. Service includes convenient in-person, phone and email consultation without insurance company involvement. Most DPC contracts include discount lab, pharmacy and other services. Costs are lower due to the elimination of expensive insurance and government related paperwork. It is medical care like it used to be, just between the patient and the physician. A few physicians have already opened DPC practices in Idaho and the trend is growing. Here is a link to an article describing direct medical care in more detail.…/a-new-model-for-primary-ca…/

Sentencing Reclassifcation Bills Signed

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Governor Otter has now signed all 8 of the bills that I sponsored related to sentence reclassification from misdemeanors to infractions. The bills cover certain offenses related to fish & game, fireworks, curfew, tobacco offenses by minors, and littering. One bill repealed a law which made it a misdemeanor to refuse to join a posse when requested by the sheriff. These days I bet there would be plenty of volunteers without the threat of arrest and jail time. These changes are just small steps toward reducing the work load of public defenders and better aligning sentencing with crimes. There is more work to be done.

More Bills In The Pipeline

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Yesterday I introduced 5 bills, one to repeal some unused criminal laws and four to reduce some minor offenses from misdemeanors to infractions. This morning I presented HCR3 in the House Education Committee to create a legislative study group on the collection and security of student data. We had some great support from concerned parents. The resolution passed the committee and is moving to the House floor. Finally, this afternoon I introduced the Idaho Direct Medical Care Act with Senator Thayn to restore direct relationships between patients and medical providers and to reduce costs and improve service. The bill was approved for printing by the Senate Commerce Committee.

Two Bills Introduced This Week

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I introduced two bills this week. One would set procedures for selecting delegates and defining their scope of authorization if an Article V convention is ever convened. It does not, however, call for a convention. The other would establish a legislative task force to study ways to minimize and better secure student data collection.

Remember VE Day May 8, 1945 – 69 Years Since The End of WW II in Europe

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On May 7, 1945 my father Mike left his B-24 crewmates at Giullia Field, Italy after having completed his 35 missions. He was still a 19 year old teenager by age, but not by experience. The next day the war in Europe ended. Many others were not so lucky to make it home. The freedom they and others purchased for us is precious. Let us be vigilent to preserve it from government which would substitute compulsion for freedom.


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