Rep. Lynn Luker (R-Boise) Will Run For Re-Election to House Seat 15-A

Announcement by Representative Lynn Luker: "For the past 3 terms, I have enjoyed the privilege of serving my fellow neighbors and citizens as one of your state representatives in District 15. Following reapportionment, I remain within the modified boundaries of District 15, which is west Boise, but now farther west. I am the only legislative incumbent in the modified district. Over the past few months I have been asked quite a number of times whether I would run for the Senate. I have responded that I enjoy the House, the committees on which I have served, and the work that I have been able to accomplish there. Although I feel that I have a great working relationship with my colleagues in both chambers, given my experience and tenure in the House, I believe that I can be most productive by continuing in the House. Therefore, I will again be running for House Seat-A in District 15. While I have made this known to any who have asked privately, it is time to publicly announce that decision, so that other interested candidates may make their plans accordingly. I appreciate all of the support that I have received over the past three terms, and am committed to continue working to keep Idaho a fiscally sound state where citizens may safely raise their families, and enjoy the liberty and natural beauty for which Idaho is known."

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