Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Snow, Nor Holiday Shall Keep The Legislators From Their Appointed Rounds

So far this session Idaho legislators have battled the elements on many days as they made their way to the capitol. Fortunately, President’s Day was not a day of precipitation in Boise. In fact it was a beautiful, though cool day outside. Inside, however, despite the holiday, it was a day of continuing work for Idaho legislators. Morning committees convened as usual to hear and debate bills. Then, as is customary on President’s Day, the legislature took time out to pay respects to those colleagues from past years who this year departed from mortal life for the next. I was privileged to honor Lyle R. Cobbs, from Boise, who served in both the House and the Senate and with the Tax Commission. Although I never knew Lyle, he left a legacy as a devoted public servant, a veteran, a man of faith and of family. Others had similar stories. It was a good reminder that as we honor our national presidents with a holiday, particularly Presidents Washington and Lincoln for whom the holiday was originally inaugurated, the day should not be just a day off, but should be a day for reflection, a day to truly think about and thank those who have given so much to create and preserve the liberty that we enjoy.

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