Selective Reporting by Press on Religious Freedom Bill –

Idaho Rep. Lynn Luker introduced HB 426 to protect persons holding occupational licenses in the exercise of their religious freedom. With government mandates of all types forcing religiously faithful people to violate the tenants of their faith, including the forced subsidizing of contraceptives and termination of life, interference with faith based counseling, and compelled participation in same gender weddings, concern about refusing such mandates prompted the bill to protect the right to earn a living while staying true to a person’s faith. When asked if there was a current issue in Idaho with occupational licenses, Luker responded there were none presently to his knowledge, but the issue was coming, and is appearing in other place. With reference to the question on protecting licenses, Luker commented that the bill could be called pre-emptive. In reporting the print hearing, the press morphed that statement into”pre-emptive strike” and focused the report on gays and lesbians, excluding any comment about contraceptives, abortion, and biases against faith based counseling. Thus, a bill to protect the revocation of professional licenses based upon a variety of mandates facing the faithful became a pre-emptive strike against gays and lesbians. The press can and should do better than this. Let’s report all of the news, not selectively report to sensationalize it.….html

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