Sentencing Reclassifcation Bills Signed

Posted April 11, 2015 by lynnluker
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Governor Otter has now signed all 8 of the bills that I sponsored related to sentence reclassification from misdemeanors to infractions. The bills cover certain offenses related to fish & game, fireworks, curfew, tobacco offenses by minors, and littering. One bill repealed a law which made it a misdemeanor to refuse to join a posse when requested by the sheriff. These days I bet there would be plenty of volunteers without the threat of arrest and jail time. These changes are just small steps toward reducing the work load of public defenders and better aligning sentencing with crimes. There is more work to be done.


More Bills In The Pipeline

Posted February 11, 2015 by lynnluker
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Yesterday I introduced 5 bills, one to repeal some unused criminal laws and four to reduce some minor offenses from misdemeanors to infractions. This morning I presented HCR3 in the House Education Committee to create a legislative study group on the collection and security of student data. We had some great support from concerned parents. The resolution passed the committee and is moving to the House floor. Finally, this afternoon I introduced the Idaho Direct Medical Care Act with Senator Thayn to restore direct relationships between patients and medical providers and to reduce costs and improve service. The bill was approved for printing by the Senate Commerce Committee.

Two Bills Introduced This Week

Posted February 7, 2015 by lynnluker
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I introduced two bills this week. One would set procedures for selecting delegates and defining their scope of authorization if an Article V convention is ever convened. It does not, however, call for a convention. The other would establish a legislative task force to study ways to minimize and better secure student data collection.

Remember VE Day May 8, 1945 – 69 Years Since The End of WW II in Europe

Posted May 8, 2014 by lynnluker
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On May 7, 1945 my father Mike left his B-24 crewmates at Giullia Field, Italy after having completed his 35 missions. He was still a 19 year old teenager by age, but not by experience. The next day the war in Europe ended. Many others were not so lucky to make it home. The freedom they and others purchased for us is precious. Let us be vigilent to preserve it from government which would substitute compulsion for freedom.

Rep. Luker Meeting With A Constituent

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Idaho Statesman Cites Rep. Luker Analysis of Bills

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Rep. Luker Introduces 3 Bills To Update Infraction Laws, Ease Work Load On Public Defenders, and Decriminalize Land Use and Building Code Violations –

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